Welcome to Gray Wolf's Chainmaille New Home!!

Here you can view all my beautiful chainmaille pieces from earrings to full chainmaille dresses, yes I said chainmaille dresses! How cool is that??
  Here you can also find some basic information about me and how I got started and Here's the big one folks!

Chainmaille is an art form that dates back thousands of years, it was used mostly as armor either by itself or worn under leather of some kind. 

  Now a days chainmaille artisan make mostly jewelry earrings, necklaces, bracelets and so on. Unlike thousands of years ago there are many different types of metals used in mailling today such as, aluminum, anodize aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, stainless steel, rubber,gold and silver.

  I've been working with chainmaille for many years I started as a hobby and it quickly turned into a passion. My main metal of choice is aluminum and anodized aluminum now you may think "Aluminum it makes a great beer can but jewelry?" yes it makes very beautiful jewelry. The good thing about aluminum is it doesn't rust or tarnish and if you can hold a beer can then you can wear aluminum chainmaille jewelry without worrying about having a reacting to the metal!

As you look around the site you'll see all kinds of pieces all made by me and 99% will be made from aluminum. Along with the beautiful jewelry I also make chainmaille bra tops, Bikinis, Skirts, halter tops and new to the rotation will be chainmaille dresses!

  Everything I make is 100% handmade one ring at a time and can be found here or on my FaceBook page. If you have any questions please ask I love to hear from you!

Special request and custom orders are also accepted so please don't be shy if you have something in mind let me know, "If you can Think it I can Link it!" 

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Chainmaille, not just for Knights and Warriors anymore!