Give Credit where Credit is Due!

Photographers and Models who have done shoots and/or worn my Chainmaille for Shoots. 
Click on the names to visit their Web Pages or FaceBook Pages.
Photographers Who Shot my Pieces
James R. Parker
Brian Hyrne
Carrie "Butterfly" Turner
Alexandria Ortiz
Sean Riva
Aaron Downing
WinterWolfs Studio
Brett Hunt
Creaotic Images
R. Morris
Hello Panda Photos
Death Maiden

Angelus Lucian Teine


Models Who Have Worn my Pieces

Carrie "Butterfly" Turner

Alexandria Ortiz

Harley the Siren

Charlie Kristine

Alejandra Cata

Necro Nako

Sarah Achor

Basil Grows

Nella Marie

Kayleigh Danielle

Toxic Techno

Erica the Red

Dixie Lea Roth

 Lee Devils

Lindsay the Glamorous

Lacey Ree

Stacey Rosa

Meadow Bosworth

Vassanta Chen

Angie Marie

Gwendolyn Jane

Jenny Marisol


Sabra Steele


Aneaj Bokor

  Lene Lili

Amanda Covault

Danielle Peters

Diane Chow

Pamela Ray

Queen Werandra


Mandy Moore (aka Panda)

Courtney R Dailey

Jessica Snyder

Hayley Wierzba

Tabbitha Phillips

Josee Lanoue

Goddess Samantha